Wafer Handling System


The use of clean organic materials, patented vacuum tip design and true ESD protection provides a unique system with the highest levels of cleanliness and safety.
All parts of Vacuum Handling System are interchangeable. 
They can be configured or upgraded to meet the specific end-user requirements.


  • Manual solution for single wafer handling
  • True ESD protection
  • High impedance range (SD)
  • Manufactured from clean organic materials
  • Unique surface treatment provides roughness (0.3µm)
  • Optical polishing of vacuum surface
  • Vacuum wand normally open
  • Patented raised vacuum surface to minimize contact
  • Patented support ribs prevent wafer deformation
  • Reinforced vacuum tube prevents vacuum loss


Product Code Description  Specifications 
DYC950-02-EI14 EP-0 Peek tip for up to 5" wafers PEEK + CF
DYC950-02-EI14 EP-30  Peek tip for up to 5" wafers, Ext 30 degree  PEEK + CF
DYC950-02-EI30 EP-0 Peek tip for up to 8" wafers PEEK + CF
 DYC950-02-EI30 EP-30  Peek tip for up to 8" wafers, Ext 30 degree   PEEK + CF
DYC950-02-EI50 EP-0 Peek tip for up to 12" wafers  PEEK + CF
DYC950-02-SPVC Vertical Wand Stand PVDF
DYC950-02-VSNO-SD  Normally Open Wand PVDF + CF
 DYC950-02-CTS-SD-1/4SD  Coiled Vacuum Tube, ESD Polyurethane