Simco-Ion型號5515離子產生器 & 型號5522/5582 控制臺

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The Model 5515 Ceiling Emitter and Controller Models 5522/5582 comprise our state-of-the-art digital room ionization system. The two controller models enable the user to start with the Model 5522 controller capable of small system with 20 or fewer ceiling emitters, and grow into a large system with full software monitoring capabilities by simply moving to the Model 5582 Controller. Digital technology allows each ceiling emitter's parameters, including ion output, ion pulse timing or digital address, to be either individually set at its location using the Model 5571 or Model 5572 handheld controllers, or remotely set through lonManager Pro when integrated with the software. Precision fine tuning of each ceiling emitter enables the ionization system to achieve maximum performance in any airflow condition and for each application.

lonManager Pro software provides a visual management tool to monitor and manage the system, including alarm conditions, room layouts, and individual emitter and controller status. Automated notifications for alarm conditions and maintenance alerts are user controlled. Data logging provides a history of system changes and security levels assure access by only authorized users.



  • Fully digital technology
  • Single crystal silicon or titanium emitter points
  • Advanced feedback technology
  • Small and large capacity controllers


  • Provides precision control of all parameters with expansive data output capabilities
  • Ensures ultra-clean performance with low maintenance; single crystal silicon emitter points meet the needs of leading-edge wafer processing applications
  • Maintains balanced, high ion output over long periods for stable performance between emitter point cleanings
  • Capable of growing from a small system with FMS output only to a large system using lonManager Pro software as requirements change


Digital Emitter Model 5515
 Input Voltage  24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1W (typ)
 Output Voltage  0 - 20kVDC for each polarity; positive and negative output levels adjusted separately
 Technology  Pulsed DC, Steady-state DC, Standyby
 Frequency  0 - 10 s @ 0.1 s resolution by microcontroller; LEDs on each emitter indicate the polarity of the ion emission
 Emitter  Single crystal silicon or Titanium; Field replaceable
 Emitter Rod  6.4, 12.7, 25.4, 38.1, 61.0, 91.4, 152, 168 cm length
 Cleanroom Class  ISO 14644-1 Class 1: Single crystal silicon;
 ISO 14644-1 Class 3: Titanium
 Controls  Parameters adjusted through 5571 Handheld Terminal, 5572 IR Remote, or via IonManager Pro software
 Indicators  Visual LED in the middle of the emitter; Optional audible alarm at controller
 Connections  RJ-11 at both ends
 Ozone  < 0.005 ppm
 Operating Env.  15 - 35°C, 20- 60% RH (non-condensing)
 Dimensions  3.1H x 3.6W x 44.5L cm
 Weight  0.465kg

Digital Controllers 5522/5582
 Input Voltage  100/115/240 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz selectable with fuse protected
 LED Indicators  Power: Green; Alarm: Red; Audible Alarm
 Connections  RS-485 to Emitters (Capacity: 5582- 80 sets, 5522- 20 sets);
 FMS : Relay or 4-20 mA output;
 5522: No software capability
 5582: Ethernet or RS-485 to Ion Manager Pro
 Dimensions  5522: 7.5zh x 7.0W x 31.6L cm; 5582: 15.8H x 11.1W x 33.5L cm
 Weight  5522: 1.4 kg; 5582: 3.18 kg

Performance Security

The Model 5515 Ceiling Emitter, Model 5582 Controller and lonManager Pro software provide consistent ionization protection throughout the facility. The advance notification system communicates system alarms and warnings immediately so corrective action can be taken. The alarm notifications are user configurable and can be sent to multiple personnel via email, SMS or pager.

Installation in semiconductor facility

Application in life science Industry

Contamination control in gowning room