Endstat 2020 Bench-top Ionizing Air Blower

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Simco-Ion's Endstat 2020 ionizing air blower provides economical control of electrostatic charges over a targeted work surface area. It provides protection from the destructive effects of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) by neutralizing static charges in the work environment.

The Endstat 2020 ionized air blower produces airflow enriched with positive and negative air ions. Directing the ionized airflow on an object that has an electrostatic charge will neutralize the charge. Surfaces with negative charge will draw positive ions and surfaces with positive charge will draw negative ions. The air ions act as charge carriers,neutralizing the surface.

The Endstat 2020 is suitable for a variety of applications.  It uses a two speed fan to provide an adaptable airflow. Ionization is produced using an AC corona discharge ionizer and AC high voltage transformer. AC ionization technology provides for economical and reliable static control.



  • Compact design
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Two speed fan control
  • Built-in emitter cleaner
  • Electrically grounded metal enclosure
  • Inherent balance to ± 15 V


  • Perfect fit for complete bench-top work area ESD protection
  • Convenient front panel controls for blower operation
  • Application specific optimized performance
  • Easy to maintain long-term ESD protection
  • Ensure durability even under the most extreme workstation conditions
  • Designed for electronic assembly and manufacturing applications

Typical Decay Time (sec):


 Endstat 2020
 Input Voltage  120 VAC, 60 Hz, 0.4 A maz; 230VAC, 50Hz, 0.2 A max
 Decay Time  <2.5 s @ (1000 V to 100 V, 30cm, Fan-high)
 Balance  0±15 V (intrinsic, no calibration required)
 Technology   AC Ionization
 Emitter  Stainless steel
 Coverage   30 x 120cm
 Controls  Power On/Off switch; Fan High/Low speed switch
 Indicators  Power switch - Red
 Airflow (m3/min)  1.42@Fan-low; 2.83@Fan-high
 Audible Noise  55dB@(1m, Fan-high)
 Ozone  <0.016ppm (typ) @ 48 hour accumulation
 Operating Env.  10 - 35ºC, 30-60% RH (non-condensing)
 Mounting  Metal mounting stand/bracket included
 Enclosure  Enamel Finish Steel
 Dimensions  21H x 14.5W x 9.5D cm
 Weight  3.2kg

Emitter Point Cleaner

The Endstat 2020 features a built-in manual emitter point cleaner which takes only seconds to remove accumulated contamination on emitter points so as to keep it working in the best.