Static Dissipative Veneer

Product Code: DY1008-VENEER


This product offers ESD protection to workstation surfaces for sensitive products.
Easy to install and they are suitable for post-forming applications on workstations and tables in ESD Protected Areas.

Material: Static Dissipative Veneer (Green / Gray) 

Part Number:

DY1008-VENEER, GREEN, 1.2M X 20M X 0.7MM

DY1008-VENEER, GREY, 1.2M X 20M X 0.7MM

Permanent Static Dissipative Veneer

  • Colour Dissipative Top Layer (Grey/Green)
  • Black Conductive Bottom Layer


 Physical Properties
 Material  PS, EVA, PE (Synthesized)
 Width  1.2m
 Length  20m
 Thickness  0.7mm
 Minimum Tolerable Temperature
 Maximum Tolerable Temperature
 (Applicable to Indoor workshop)   

 Intrinsic Property  The resistance readings of the product is not humidity an/or temperature dependent
 Permanent Property  Static dissipative property is permanent
 Environment Property  Non-toxic, odorless and tasteless
 Engineering & Chemical  Abrasion, oil, acid (weak) and alkaline resistant
 Flexible  Come in roll form, easy to handle and to post-form