Pre-cutted Adhesive Roll



Pre-cutted adhesive roll with the best coating structure is specially developed by Tech-Line's own researchers, and it has improved adhesiveness and optimal rear layer. Since no tools or a knife is necessary, it ensures the operator's safety. Furthermore, the manufacturer can expect productivity improvement and cost-reduction of managing and paper-saving.


  • Quick management saves time (50% time saving)
  • Pre-cutted adhesive roll minimize the paper waste (20% reduction)
  • Not using a knife is safe for the operator
  • Direction printed pre-cutted adhesive roll prevents faulty installation (Utility model registration)
  • Special coating between paper and adhesive layer
  • Stability of temperature and humidity
  • Has static electricity prevention function




Remove several kinds of particles : Hair /  Clothing Fibers / Packing Fibers / Dust / Insert /Particles

Electron : PCB, Flexible board, Ceramic board, Membrance switch, LCD, PDP, Shadow mask, Lead frame, etc
Printing  : Name plate, Key board, Automatic panel, Rear view mirror, Remote controller switch, Kind of cards, CD-ROM printing, etc
Material Processing  : Plastic plate, Glass, Steel plate, Film (Acryl, PP, PET, etc). etc