Nitrogen Cabinets

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  • Commonly use in the semiconductor, photonics and FPD industries, special materials storage and electronic sectors to prevent oxidation, attack of foreign bodies and humidity control
  • Has required prevention been achieved by the continuous purging of N2 is Uncertain The Oxygen with Nitrogen Control Station display both O2 concentration and humidity ensuring perfect management
  • Upon set humidity or O2 concentration, N2 will be completely cut off
  • Excellence cost savior of your choice


Dimension W 315 X H 337 X D 220 mm
Voltage 110V – 240V : 50Hz – 60Hz
Power Consumption 20 watts
Display Panel 2.3” LED Screen, Display Humidity/ Temperature/ Oxygen concentration
Humidity Setting 1.0% RH – 60% RH (adjustable)
Temperature Display 1°C – 99.9°C
Oxygen Concentration 0.1°C - 20°C
Humidity Function Use humidity setting or O2 concentration to control the flow of Nitrogen (N2)  once reaches set humidity, N2 will be completely cut off
Filtration Function Undergoes filtration system, meets Cleanroom Class 100
Anti Static (ESD) Function Ionizer transformer saves electronic devices in humid conditions from failures or other forms of degradation
Data Logging Function

Built-in memory storage space up to 11,000 Bits Humidity/ Temperature/ Oxygen record. Able to set & display & thru RS232 download to computer/ print out. Capabilities to download into Excel file

Alarm / Siren Set to activate at required humidity. Affixed with (90dB-A) siren and display blinking system
Callibration Capabilities

Optional – siren light built-in calibration capabiities, ensure quality and reliability.   Can be use in any type of air fight cabinet/ cupboard including N2 cabinet and dry cabinet

Replaced Nitrogen (N2) 100% Cost Saving

Low Cost

By using compressed air, no Nrequired, low power
consumption at only 20 watts

Excellent capabilities

Humidity setting temperature display, against
electrostatic discharge, powerful infiltration system

Save manpower

Temperature / Humidity Data Logger system

Temperature / Humidity Alarm system

Calibration capabilities

Speedy Humidity Reduction

1450L, from 70% RH, less than 20 minutes. Best suitable for operations that requires frequent opening of cabinet doors

DIY Installation

Can be used in any type of air-tight cabinet / cupboard including Ncabinet and dry cabinet

W550 x H257 x D310mm