Humidity/ Temperature Display Panel

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Voltage 100V-240V : 50Hz-60Hz
Power Consumption 2HTDP - 20 watts / 4HTDP-40 watts / 7HTDP-65watts
Humidity Setting 0.0%RH~99.9%RH
Temperature Display -9.9°C~60°C
Temperature Accuracy ± 1°C (0~60°C)
Humidity Display 0.0%RH~99.9%RH
Humidity Accuracy at 25°C ±5%RH (1-20%RH)/±3%RH (20-80%RH)/ ±5%RH (80-100%RH)
Transducer Function Power transducer transmit up to 150 meter from sensor base
Data Logging Function Built-in memory storage space up to 11,900 Humidity/Temperature records. Display adjustable setting using RS232 to download Excel/PDF file print out
Alarm / Siren Set to activate at required humidity. Affixed with (90db-A) siren and display blinking system
Model Mode Table Stand/ Wall Mount
Signal Provision of signal for other environmental monitoring requirements
Applications Cleanroom, warehouses, laboratories, printing industries, MIS centers etc

Product Code Display Dimension (W x H x D) mm
DYC940-02-MON-2HTDP 2.3” 326 x 266 x 60
DYC940-02-MON-4HTDP 4” 405 x 420 x 60
DYC940-02-MON-7HTDP 7” 736 x 704 x 60