Conductive Metal Handle Brushes

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  • Aluminium handle with rows of scratch brush provide fine cleaning and polishing in narrow spaces or grooves
  • Excellent for ESD control purpose and for cleaning both male and female connectors
  • SS (Stainless Steel) version has very fine 003” stainless steel wire bristle to burnish without removing base metals
  • Bristles are hand laced into handle with stainless steel wire for maximum retention
  • Ideal for gold
  • Aluminium handle with three very dense rows of hand laced bristles holds fluids well
  • “Toothbrush” sized conductive brush is suitable for use as a cleaner or fluid applicator


Product Code Pattern Specification Packing
d DYC910-01-11-HHA 1 x 11 Handle – Aluminium
Fill – Horsehair
25 pcs/ pkt
e DYC910-01-33-HHA 3 x 11 Handle – Aluminium
Fill – Horsehair
12 pcs/ pkt
f DYC910-01-33-CKA 3 x 11 Handle – Aluminium
Fill – Hog Bristles
12 pcs/ pkt
g DYC910-01-33-SSA 3 x 11 Handle – Aluminium
Fill – Stainless Steel
12 pcs/ pkt