Model 287B Ionizer Performance Analyzer

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• All-in-One Instrument - Measures, displays and stores voltage, decay time, temperature and humidity
• Exceeds current requirements of ANSI/ESD SP3.3 for Periodic Verification of Air Ionizers
• Test Balance and Decay
• Low Cost / Performance Ratio
• Hand-held, Battery Operated
• Microprocessor Driven
• Built -in Self Test
• Exclusive Monroe Electronics Two-year Warranty

Model 287B performs manual or automatic decay and balance tests for periodic verifiction ionization equipment. It then stores the results and averaged decay times for up to ten manual tests and up to ten complete automatic test sequences.Temperature and relative humidity are displayed real-time and recorded with the test data.

All instrument functions are controlled by four pushbuttons

In DECAY mode a built-in high voltage generator charges the plate to over 1050 volts. During testing the plate will discharge toward zero in the presence of ionization. The elapsed time of decay between 1000 volts and 100 volts displayed.

In the BALANCE mode, isolated plate voltage, test duration and + and - peak voltages are displayed.

Self-tests include battery check and tests for functional errors.
Now take the mystery out of ionizer testing
Test your AC or DC room ionizers, laminar flow, overhead or benchtop ionizers or ionized compressed gas systems as simply as pushing a button.
Optional Model 287/22C
6” x 6” Plate Adapter

This optional adapter enables the model IPA 287B to perform very comparibly to charged plate monitors designed to ESD Association standard No. 3.


 Charger  ±1100volts, selectable polarity
 ±1250V, 1V resolution
 Accuracy  ±5% of reading, ±2% typical
 Zero Drift  <±4V in 90s, ±2V typical
 Trip Points  Fixed 1000V and 100V
 Charge Plate  1.7" x 4" (»10.6 inches periphery)
 Capacitance  »25pf
 <10% of full scale in 200s
 Display  2.4" x 0.63", 2 x 16 LCD
 Timer  200.0s maximum, 0.1s resolution
 Sensor Humidity   20-80% ±3% of reading
 Temperature  ±1ºC typical
 Oper. Temp  25ºC, ±10ºC
 Battery  9 volt NEDA #1604A or equivalent alkaline (>40 hour life or >1300 charge cycles).
 Longer life may be achieved by using 9-volt lithium.
 Dimensions  8.1 x 4 x 1.9 inches (206 x 102 x 48 mm)
 Weight  1lb, 6oz. (0.63kg)
 Included  Carrying Case
 Manual CD
 Patch Cord W/ Alligator Clip

Monroe Electronics instruments are factory calibrated prior to shipment. Recalibration should be performed annually, or more frequently if specified by contract or company policy. Your instrument should also be recalibrated any time it has been repaired or tampered with. We are happy to recalibrate your instrument for you at a reasonable cost, or provide information and procedures on calibration upon request.

Monroe Electronics, Inc., warrants that each instrument and sub-assembly manufactured by them shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two year after shipment from the factory. This warranty is applicable to the original purchaser only.

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