Monroe 291 Resistivity Meter

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High performance—best value

The Model 291 Resistivity Meter fills the void between lower performance, albeit slightly lower cost and high-end, more expensive test instruments.

This pocket-sized meter has parallel metal contact rails and jacks for connections to external electrodes or ground. Using a single 9- volt alkaline battery, the unit automatically generates a test voltage of either 10v or 100v. You simply place the instrument on a flat surface (2 inches by 25/8 inches or larger) of material to be tested, press the button and read the results from the multi-coloured LED display. It comes with a carrying case, ground lead and calibration certificate.

• Measures surface resistivity of flat material samples - contact rails built into base of instrument
• Measures resistance – using external connections to banana jacks


• 12 LED Colour-Coded Display - Accurately and quickly shows measured decade values
• Measures Both Resistivity and Resistance to Ground
• Ranges E3 Thru E12
• Easy to Use
• Battery Powered
• Pocket -sized Convenience
• CE Conformance
• Inexpensive, Reliable
• Exclusive Monroe Electronics Two year Warranty