Sticky Mat (Disposable), 30 Layers

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  • A stack of polyethylene film sheets with a specially treated pressure sensitive adhesives on one side
  • Remove contamination on contact
  • Peel to expose clean surface (eliminating cleaning and washing)
  • Use with or without frame
  • Slip-proof
  • Non-contaminating
  • Will not be damaged by footwear or wheels
  • Full adhesive bottom holds floor securely yet easy to remove and leaves no residue
  • Full size for every sheet – no sloping sides to reduce overall coverage and creates crevasses for catching contamination
  • Numbered corner tabs for easy removal of used sheet
  • Removes contamination on shoes heels, soles and wheels


Product Code Description / Size Packing
DYC410-01-CLEANZE-BL-2436-10 Blue, 24" X 36" 30sheets / 10mats / ctn
DYC410-01-CLEANZE-BL-2645-10 Blue, 26" X 45" 30sheets / 10mats / ctn
DYC410-01-CLEANZE-WH-2636-10 White, 24" X 36" 30sheets / 10mats / ctn
DYC410-01-CLEANZE-WH-2645-10 White, 26" X 45" 30sheets / 10mats / ctn
 DYC410-CLEAN-WALK-CW-900B  WASHABLE Sticky Mat, Blue- 500mmx900mmx5mm (Thk)  5pcs / ctn