ESD Turnstile Gate System

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Various models of the ESD Turnstile Gate system are available, including standard tripod, mini tripod, flip gate and flap gate, which integrated with ESD testers for ESD control.
Size and accessories customization is available to resolve the space constraint and fulfill the security concern.




 Size (L) 1100 x (W) 260 x (H) 1010 mm   (L) 500 x (W) 310 x (H) 1010 mm 
 Size Customization Available
 Electrical Power Input 100 - 250 Vac
 Arm Length 500-550 mm
 Power Consumption 30 W
 Turning Force 3 Kgf
 Operating Temperature -10ºC to 50ºC
 Tripod Arm Locking   Force   80 Kgf
 Weight 60 Kg 40 Kg
 Ingress Protecting IP52
 Overall Footprint
 (L) 1100 x (W) 960 mm (L) 500 x (W) 960 mm 
Flexible Testers (GZ-600 or GZ-100) Integration
Cleanroom Safe
Reliable Heavy-Duty Mechanism
1.5 mm Gauge Stainless STEEL (304 Grade) / No.4 Satin Finish Body
Thick Stainless Steel Arms
2 Standard Sizes with customization available
Single or Dual Direction Entry / exit with access card integration
 Controller & Access   Control Operation


Self-Centering Control Head With Cam, Spring & Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Programmable Dual Directional Passage entry/exit with access card integration
Safe Low Power Operating Voltage (24V)
Fail-Safe (Free Passage - Safety Arm Drop On Power Failure)
Directional LED Display - Clear Indication For Direction Activation