Model 5635 Modulated Pulse AeroBar®

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The Model 5635 AeroBar MP ionizing bar is specifically designed to eliminates static charge in semiconductor and other ultra-clean manufacturing processes where fast discharge time, low swing voltages, and precision balance are required. The Model 5635 utilizes MP technology, combining a high-frequency sine wave with modulated pulses (MP) for high ion output and delivery. This breakthrough technology enables AeroBar mounting within 150 mm of the wafer. MP technology, combined with ultra-clean silicon emitter points and precision adjustment, provides ISO 14644-12 ionization (0.01 mm particles or nanoparticles) and ISO 14644 Class 1 (0.1 mm particles) cleanliness, critical for smaller technology nodes. For processes that do not require extreme cleanliness, the optional air-assist accelerates ion delivery, providing faster discharge times and performance over longer distances. 

MP technology is easy to adjust and features the ability to fine-tune voltage, frequency and balance to meet differing environmental and product sensitivity requirements. The 5635 AeroBars come with 50 mm spacing for emitters for lengths ≤600 mm for the most dense, uniform ionization coverage.



  • ISO 14644-12 (0.01 µm particles) cleanliness
  • Modulated pulse technology
  • Excellent lateral uniformity
  • Low field voltages
  • Air-assist capability
  • Optional software with easy-to-use interface with wide adjustability
  • Alarm output signal


  • Compatible with all wafer technology nodes including 14 nm and below
  • Precision balance, high ion output with long-term stability
  • Uniform balance across the AeroBar
  • Safe placement as close as 150 mm of the wafer or reticle
  • Enhanced static charge neutralization at fast automation speeds
  • Fast setup and easy optimization in any environment 
  • Communicate to tool or facility monitoring system



 Input Voltage  24 VDC ± 10%
 Output Voltage  13.5 kV p-p (max), adjustable
 Distance  150 - 1000 mm distance to surface; application & customer specification dependent
 Frequency  Default setting at 5 Hz; adjustable from 1-33 Hz
 Balance  Auto balancing system <±20V over time and across the bar length (measured in a controlled
 environment at 24" distance)
 Ion Emission  Modulated pulse (MP) technology
 Emitter Points  Single crystal silicon emitter points
 Emitter Pitch  50 mm or 75 mm spacing between nozzles; 50 mm spacing only on the 450 mm and 600 mm lengths
 Air Supply  Clean dry air (CDA) or nitrogen
 Airflow  45 psi mac gas pressure; 1-3.5 lpm/nozzle thru 8 mm OD one-touch fitting (optional)
 15 sec (typ) with no air-assist, Vp-p Swing of 80 Vp-p; measured at 24" below an emitter center 
 group of points
 Cleanliness  Meets ISO 14644-12 cleanliness (0.01 µm particles or nanoparticles) and ISO 14644 
 Class 1 (0.1 µm particles) using 45-50%
 Ozone  < 0.05 ppm
 EMI  Below background level
 Operating Env.  Temperature 15-35ºC (59-95ºF); humidity 30-60% RH, non-condensing
 Bar Settings  DIP switches for general power settings; trimpots for fine tuning balance, frequency, and power output 
 or use the serial output to the MP 5635 Bar Control software for fine adjustments
 Enclosure  ABS chasis, stainless steel rails on the outside of the bar
 Dimensions  3.1H x 1.3W x 18/24/34/39/45/51/57/63/69/75/81/87/93L in. (78H x 34W x 450/600/850/1000/1150/
 1300/1450/1600/1750/1900/2050/2200/2350L mm)
Model 5601 Power Distribution Box
 Input Voltage  24 VDC for each bank of 4 bars; 5.6A total (0.7A max/port)
 Communication  Ethernet (RJ-45) to/from PC; individual bar standby inputs
 Alarm Output  Relay closure to ground
 Output  8 RJ-45 ports (1 for each 5635 bar)
 LED Indicators  Green PWR, Yellow COM, Red ALM, Blue USB
 Weight  15 oz (420g)
 Dimensions  1.2 H x 6.3L x 3.6W in (3.1H x 16.0L x 9.2W cm)

Simple Installation
The Model 5635 ionizing bar is quickly installed by simply plugging into a 24 VDC source and connecting an air line, (if air-assist is desired). Set the DIP switches for general power levels as defined in the user’s manual to activate factory settings for a base discharge performance. Users can then fine-tune the control parameters from the bar or through the easy to use software GUI for installations where optimized balance, swing voltage and discharge times are desired. An alarm connection in the Signal and Power Junction Box enables a signal output to the tool or central computer for FMS monitoring.

Power Distribution Box (optional)
The Model 5601 Power Distribution Box can be used to centralize power and software control for up to 8 MP AeroBars.

Model 5635 is designed to operate in and maintain ISO 14644-1 Class 1 cleanliness (10 particles or less per m3 for particles of 0.1 micron and larger). Model 5635 will also perform to ISO 14644-12 cleanliness (1200 particles or less per m3 (34 particles per ft3) for particles of 0.01 micron and larger) when operated at 45-50% output voltage setting and OpenJet nozzles with single crystal silicon emitters.

ISO Class 1 for 0.1 and 0.01 Micron Particles
ISO 14644-1 (1999) establishes 9 particulate class limits. A class is met when airborne particles-per-cubic-meter (or particles-per-cubic-foot) do not exceed the class limit. The following graph summarizes the class limit lines for particles between 0.1 micron and 5 microns.

Ordering Information

 xxxx (bar lengths): 450*/600*/850/1000/1150/1300/1450/1600/1750/1900/
 2050/2200/2350 mm; yy (nozzle spacing): -50 for 50 mm, -75 for 75 mm; zzzzz
 (nozzle type): OpenJet (QOU30)
 33-5601-03  Model 5601 Power Distribution Box, 24 VDC; powers up to 8 MP AeroBars
 14-21241  24 VDC Power Supply for Model 5601 Power Distribution Box (power cord ordered
 33-21491  Signal and Power Junction Box
 92-5635-001  AeroBar MP Remote Serial Adapter Kit (includes RJ-45 splitter, USB to serial adapter,
 RJ-45 to DB9 adapter)
 33-25625  24 VDC Power Converter with Power/Signal Junction Box Kit
 25-0540-xx  CAT-5 with RJ-45 Ethernet Cable in 6, 10, 15 ft lengths, white
 28-6370  Flat mounting clips. Recommended usage: 450-1150 mm, 2 clips; 1300-2050 mm,
 3 clips; 2200 mm and above, 4 clips
 32-22210  Horizontal rotatable mounting bracket. Recommended usage: 450-1150 mm, 2 clips;
 1300-2050 mm, 3 clips; 2200 mm and above, 4 clips
 32-22220  Vertical rotatable mounting bracket. Requires 2 brackets for each ionizer bar to hold
 one at the top and one at the bottom
 33-5353  Flat Mounting Clip with Active/Screw Fasteners (2) for AeroBar. Recommended
 usage: 450-1150 mm, 2 clips; 1300-2050 mm, 3 clips; 2200 mm and above, 4 clips
 *The 450mm and 600mm are only available with 50 mm nozzle spacing.