Syringes and accessories

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 1. High-precision syringes, specially designed for dispensing
Constant internal syringe diameter provides excellent fluid characteristics and high resistant construction.
• PSY-E series for high-precision dispensing
• PSY-EU-OR series for use with UV cured resin
• PSY-E SEP series prevents static electricity and dust
• SSY-C series for high temperate and high pressure

2. Adapter tube
Tubes to supply pressure by connecting it to a dispenser and a syringe.
• AT-E series (standard)
• AT-E-S series is a side outlet type
• AT-E-SEP series prevents static electricity build up and dust infiltration

3. High-precision plunger (patent pending)
High precision dispensing with excellence in wiping performance has been achieved. We are offering 4-type lineup in accordance with liquid types, dispensing characteristics, and applications. (FLP-E, MLP-R-E,MLP-B-E, MLP-E)


4. Head cap / 5. Needle cap
Caps to seal the top and bottom of syringes.
• Two types are available. For general material and for UV cured

6. Protective cap
Protects syringe tips while wearing needle caps.

7. O-ring
An o-ring gasket for use as a replacement on the adapter tube.