UV Lamp Light Source EXECURE 4000

Product Enquiry
  • Flexible layout – vertically or horizontally
  • Large reduction in apparent power, compatible with world voltages
  • Convenient and easy filter setting
  • Adaptable to wide variety of light guides such as multi-branch, special shape and fusion type are  possible
  • Comes with standard 200W Mercury Xenon lamp, guaranteed lamp life of 3,000 hours
  • Easily connected to PC through RS485 port for aperture settings, program patterns, etc
UV Accessories
  • Custom fiber optic light guide for various UV applications. Multi-branches to maximize throughput
  • Custom lens to achieve required intensity profile
  • Custom UV filters to cut unwanted wavelength
  • Simple UV power meter for intensity measurement
  • UV protective goggles​​​​​​​​

Major UV Applications


  • Assembly of image sensor, lens unit and LCD panel for digital camera
  • Assembly of HDD for personal computer
  • Assembly of camera module, touch panel and image sensor for smart phone
  • Assembly of injection needles, catheter and optical fiber for medical industry
  • Assembly of optical pick-up lenses unit for CD, DVD and Blu-ray
  • Sealing, printing and coating for electronics industry