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The PRF-912B Miniature E12 Micro Probe Set accurately measures surface resistance of small areas up to 1.0x10 12 ohms. It consists of a PRF-912B Concentric Resistance Fixture, shielded cable equipped with BNC connectors, and a BNC to male banana instrument adapter. The optional PRV-913B Dual Verification Fixture is designed to confirm the proper operation of all of the Prostat Micro Probes Sets.


The PRF-912B is designed to work with a precision wide range resistance instrument, such as the Prostat PRS-801 Resistance System, or PRS-812 Resistance Meter. It can also be attached to the PSI-870 Indicator using an optional adapter lead for a quick indicator. It provides surface resistance measurements in ohms per ESD S11.11 Surface Resistance test standard.

For precision resistance measurement of small areas up to 1.0 x 10 12 ohms

  • Measures surface resistance of small areas up to 1.0x1012 ohms
  • Measurement Area: 0.35" (8.89mm)
  • Spring loaded contact pins
  • Includes two (2) each spare outer contact pins and one (1) each spare inner center electrode contact pin