Integrated Management Software

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  • Paperless system
  • Digital test results and digital calibration
  • User-friendly data management
  • Automatic Email generation
  • Automatic statistical and analytic reports generation
  • Secure entry features included
  • Individual testing requirement option available
  • One server maintains all the tester stations
  • Web based system

Integrated Management Software Tester System Comparison

GZ Tester Other Tester

True remote data logging (Internal Memory) at least up to 1 month test records can be stored inside the card reader memories

Requires a PC computer to store test results (Do not have
internal memory) 
PC down test logging impossible

Measures and displays test results on LCD and LED
Measures and Indicates the test result via LED
LED features near-fail option
  Content C2

True digital configurable test ranges allow tester to operate simultaneously in a few test ranges depending on test requirement

Test ranges are offered in some step ranges, not full digitally configurable. Only some tester that couples with the PC can offer
these flexible test range option

Powerful data base features (SQL Platform)
“ Access” Database Engine

True web feature

Tester independent from server

Relies heavily on the PC

(PC down everything down)

No complicated maintenance

1 Server PC, 1 Database

Computers require:

1.OS and Antivirus Scan Updates and Maintenance

2.Collective Database & Main Database Maintenance
Easy operative database maintenance and can share data with other database (SQL Database Platform)
Need complicated import or export as the database engine is not as direct as SQL platform
User friendly features that allow integration into the current entry system
Independent software that has limited features to support entry system
Tester immune to power supply or ground noise
Tester may not be functional if power line or ground is saturated to noise

Software Cost - 1 time purchase

Almost unlimited tester connected to the software
Software may be free or may need multiple purchase but software not SQL platform
Seamless integration to entry system as it itself is an entry system
Software and hardware features are not powerful for easy integration