Conductive Vinyl Tiles Product

Product Code: DY1007-FT

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The Flexco ESD Flooring is renowned in various industries for its high quality and durable conductive vinyl tiles.
The high standards in manufacturing and strict quality testing enable us to provide lifetime warranty for the electrical properties of the tiles.

  • Electronics manufacturing, clean rooms, stores/warehouses, assembly, test and inspection, wafer or fiber optics fabrication
  • Hospital surgeries, intensive care units, radiological facilities
  • Computer/data processing installations, hard disk drive industries, access panels
  • Explosive environments, munitions facilities, chemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing


 Material Conductive Vinyl
 Available Sizes 1ft X 1ft / 2ft X 2ft / 3ft X 3ft
 Available Thickness 2mm / 3mm
 Accessories Conductive 2-part Epoxy Adhesives/ Welding Bead/Copper Grounding Foil
 Electrical Resistance 25KΩ to 1MΩ

Δ Detail Specifications and ESD Flooring consultation and Certification s
 ervices available upon request.