Bentonite Clay

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Bentonite clay is naturally occurring absorbent created by the controlled drying of magnesium aluminum silicate of the sub-bentonite type. This clay will successfully regenerate for repeated use at very low temperatures without substantial deterioration or swelling. However, this property causes clay to give up moisture readily back into the container as temperatures rise.

Clay is a good basic desiccant that works satisfactorily below 120°F (approximately 50°C). Above 120°F, there is a possibility that the clay will give up moisture rather than pulling it in, so anticipated storage and transportation conditions should be considered. The upside to clay is that it is normally the least expensive desiccant per pound. 

Clay is highly effective within normal temperature and relative humidity ranges. Its appearance is that of small gray pellets. Care should be taken to be sure than any low level impurities in the clay are not incompatible with the packaged product.

Bentonite clay is a natural desiccant which is economical and easily available. It works well at relative humidity levels of 15% to 50% but loses out to molecular sieve at very low RH. It has a reactivation temperature of about 120°C.


We can customized the desiccant pouches to specific weight and sizes. Our packing material options ranges from Tyvek, Non-Woven, Non-Woven Laminated, Re-enforced Mesh Paper etc.

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