Non-Woven Face Mask

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  • Made from 2 or 3 layers of spun bonded non-woven, thermally sealed waffle pattern polypropylene microfibers
  • Provide excellent filtration and absorption
  • Hypoallergenic that prevents irritation and allergy problems to sensitive skins
  • A nose piece is embedded on the upper side of the double or three-ply face mask to ensure a closer contact of the mask to the nose


Product Code Description / Size Packing
DYC601-2P-PT20W-180NMNW-MT-2000 2-ply 50pcs / 40pkts / ctn
DYC601-3P-PT20W-MB-180NMNW-MT-2000 3-ply (filtered), 180mm 50pcs / 40pkts / ctn
DYC601-2P-CLEANZE-EL-SMOOTH 2-ply smooth type 50pcs / 40pkts / ctn
DYC601-3P-CLEANZE-EL-SMOOTH 3-ply, 180mm smooth type 50pcs / 40pkts / ctn
DYC601-3P-NWEL-BL-B95-BOX 3-ply, Blue, BFE>95% 50pcs / 40boxes / ctn
DYC601-3P-NWEL-WH-B95 3-ply, White, BFE>95% 50pcs / 40pkts / ctn
DYC601-3P-NWEL-TYPE-IIR-DY  3-ply, White, Type IIR   50pcs / 40boxes / ctn
 DYC600-SF-CARBON-MASK-4 4-ply   50pcs / 40boxes / ctn