Sticky Roller

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  • Tacky tape made from LDPE which is cushiony and guarantees noise-free entrapment of dust, dirt and lint.
  • Perforated tape to ensure easy tear-off
  • Roller tape is easy to replace.
  • Colours: White and Clear
  • Available in ESD version.


Item Product Code Sizes Packing 

DYC400-TK-CCT 80 or 160mm 10pcs /ctn

DYC400-TK-080S-CL Refill-80mm(w), Clear, L-20m 200rolls / ctn 
 DYC400-TK-080S-WH Refill-80mm(w), White, L-20m 200rolls / ctn
 DYC400-TK-100S-WH Refill-100mm(w), White, L-18m  200rolls / ctn 
 DYC400-TK-160S-WH Refill-160mm(w), White, L-18m  100rolls / ctn 
 DYC400-TK-200S-WH  Refill-200mm(w), White, L-18m 100rolls / ctn 
 DYC400-TK-300S-WH Refill-300mm(w), White, L-18m  50rolls / ctn 
 DYC400-TK-080S-CL-ESD Refill-80mm(w), Clear, L-20m, ESD  200rolls / ctn 
 DYC400-TK-100S-WH-ESD  Refill-100mm(w), White, L-18m, ESD 200rolls / ctn 
 DYC400-TK-160S-WH-ESD  Refill-160mm(w), White, L-18m, ESD 100rolls / ctn 
 DYC400-TK-200S-WH-ESD  Refill-200mm(w), White, L-18m, ESD 100rolls / ctn 
DYC400-TK-300S-WH-ESD Refill-300mm(w), White, L-18m, ESD 50rolls / ctn