Double Sided SMCM

Model: FC-M820-400

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  • Removal of contaminants on both sides of bare board
  • Removal of contaminants on the back side of parts installed PCB
  • Electrification prevention function is added to the cleaning rolle that is made of high molecular polymer
  • PCB support guide
  • PCB gap control device
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment device (FM-M810-400: Manual, FC-M820-400:Auto)
  • Provide convenience through touch panel
  • Supports multi-language (Korean, Chinese, English, Japanses, Deutsch)
  • Provide various interfaces


  • Automatic converyor width adjustment device and PCB support guide
  • Provide convenience through touch control panel and supoprt multi-language (Korean, Chinese, English , Japanese, Deutsch)
  • Removal of contaminants on both sides of bare board by using cleaning rollers that have electrification prevention function
  • Mange the static electricity with 4 ionizers (upper, lower, left and right parts)