Inline Multi-Channel Liquid Particle Counter

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Comprehensively grasp micronavid particle data and establish a complete production line operation history

Product Features:

  1. Direct integration into operating machines
  2. Automated multi-point analysis
  3. Monitor the number of micro and nanoparticles 24 hours a day
  4. Reduce ineffective movement and improve the efficiency of the cleaning process
  5. Cost savings of up to 72% per year can be achieved
  6. Developers, acid-mixed photoresist solutions, copper/aluminic acid, and DI water have good detection effects


Detect Predicition
Automatic warning, micro and nanoparticles appear micro-pollution conditions, cleanliness up to the warning standard, can be replaced in advance of the filter, to prevent the product condition

Optimize Recommendations
Intelligent cross-comparison of filter size, life, maintenance interval, and evaluation of process cleanliness. and provide optimization recommendations

Establish stable process standards
The cleanliness of the production line machine maintains a stable process standard to ensure that this process does not become a part of the customer's highlight

Semiconductor industry-wide applications:
Wafer Fabrication & Encapsulation Testing

Product Advantages Product Application Import Customers
  • One machine multi-point switching
  • Automated micronon real-time monitoring
  • Compare yields & contaminants
  • Automatic early warning of flexible detection scheduling
  • Water wash process (DI WATER)
  • Etching process (Metal Etching Fluid)
  • Defoaming process (Stripping fluid, defoamer)
  • Micro-shadow process ( Copper Acid, Aluminic Acid)
  • A well-known semiconductor packaging factory in Taiwan
  • Fabs
  • Taiwan panel manufacturer

Measurement Range  0.1 μm - 50 μm
Permissible Margin of Error  40000 counts/ml @ 5% Coincidence Error
Correction  Traced back to NIST
Communication Mode  RS485/Modbus, 4~20 mA
Outer Box / Line / Sampling Interface  Non-grit Steel / PFA / quartz
LED Light Indication  Power/ Fault/ Normal Sampling/ Exception Warning
Sampling Temperature / Pressure  0-70°C / 150 PSI