Needles and nozzles

 1. SNA series metal nozzles
An excellent durability SUS needle is used.
• SNAseries Needle length: 13mm (B type)
Needle length: 13mm (C type)
• SNseries Needle length: 15mm

2. PN series plastic needles
Economical, disposable plastic needles.
• Needle length: 8mm (A type)
• Needle length: 13mm (B type)

3. TN series Teflon needles
Good corrosion resistance and effective with anaerobic materials.
• Needle length: 8mm

4. TN-L series Teflon needles with SUS guides
Used for precision dispensing of anaerobic materials. A SUS guide prevents vibration in the needle tip.

5. Precision solid nozzles, SHN series
• Stable microscopic dispensing with integrated precision nozzle

6. High-precision nozzles, FN series
• Capability of ultra-small volume dispensing and ultra-fine drawing as tiny as some micrometers in diameter

7. TPN series tapered nozzles
Suitable for highly flowable and high viscous material.

8. MN series multiple nozzles
Dispense at multiple positions with one shot.