Shotmini 200Ω


New desktop robot with high sophistication and high rigidity
Debut of mighty robot for cell production!

  • High definition drawing without unsteadiness
  • Achievement of dispensing, precision and fineness
  • No positioning deviation due to step-out-free specification
  • Class’s highest transportable weight (20kg at work side, 15kg at tool side)
  • Highest grade of interpolation function in the class
  • Group of commands with further user-friendliness  


Model SM200Ω-3A SM200Ω-4A  
No. of axes controlled  3-axis (simultaneous control)  3-axis (simultaneous control)  
Travel ranges X-axis,Y-axis 200mm
Z-axis 100mm
W-axis -  ± 0 to 360º
Speed range *Setting value X-axis,Y-axis 0.1 to 500mm/sec.
Z-axis 0.1 to 500mm/sec.
W-axis -  0.1 to 900º/sec 
positioning accuracy
X-axis,Y-axis  ± 0.005mm ( *1)
Z-axis   ± 0.005mm ( *1)
W-axis    -  ± 0.01º (*1)
Weight (*2)
work base side  20kg (*2)
head side  15kg (*2) 12kg (*2)
Control method  PTP control and CP control
Interpolation  3-dimensional linear / circular-ellipsoidal / curve interpolation
Program capacity  10000 steps, 999CH.
Data Storage System Internal: FLASH PROM    
External: Backup on PC media with dispensing program editing software, MuCADΩ (standard accessory) 
External Input 17 POINTS
Output 26 POINTS
Power supply / consumption  AC 100 to 240V    50/60Hz • 150W
External Dimension W304 x D460 x H570mm W320 x D460 x H670mm
Weight  24kg  27kg
Option Work base, all types of holders, teaching penchant, safety hood, external operation box and work vacuum-holding controller 
(*1): This valve is measured by the method prescribed by Musashi (measuring method in conformity with JIS).
(*2): Those values vary depending on the conditionssuch as speed, operation pattern, gravity center of the loaded object or other factors. The valueof Y-axis is including the weight of work base (optional).