Nikalet ECR-C (Compression Type)


NIKALET ECR-C is Compression type melamine based mold cleaner.
Customer can clean without using lead flame / substrate and clean parting areas including air-vents by using ECR-C.


Appearance White Ivory
Specific Density of Tablet 1.0g - 1.3g/cm3
Specific Gravity of Molded Cleaner 1.4 - 1.6
Flow 80 - 100 mm A)
 Hardness after Curing  >70 B)
Application Runner Gate, Cavity, Air-vent, Parting-area

A) Analyzed by JIS K6911 method
B) Analyzed using Shore-hardness Meter D (Mold temp., 170ºc Molding pressure, 6.9Mpa)
    SIZE : 73mm(L) × 38mm(W) × 7mm(H) Weight : 20g
Nikalet ECR has the three cleaning effects shown here.