Model 775PVS Periodic Verification System

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775 Fieldmeter
 Dimensions  10.7L x 6.1W x 2.3D cm (0.142kg with battery)
775 Plate Assembly 
 Plate Capacity  15 ± 2 pF
 Calibration  Adjusting screw provided
 Range  0 - 2 kV for either polarity
 Ground  Ground plate attaches to conductive case of 775 Fieldmeter
 Dimensions  2.5L x 7.6W x 3.3D cm with Teflon™ standoffs
 Weight  0.071kg
775C Charger 
 Input  9 VDC, 6F22Y Alkaline battery
 Output  Each polarity : 1300 VDC ± 20%, limited to < 1 µA
 Power Indicator  Red LED
 Output  Two stainless steel contact plates, output
 polarity depends on which plate is grounded
 Dimensions  10.7L x 6.1W x 2.3D cm
 Weight  0.113 kg (with battery)