Charged Plate Monitor - Model 158A

Trek Model 158A

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The Trek Model 158A Charged Plate Monitor is the premier instrument to evaluate the performance of air ionization systems. It features a user-friendly large 7 inch screen that is active through either touchscreen control or corresponding function keys. The compact design supports superior data collection and data storage capability. The data is displayed in color and may be stored internally or can be easily transferred to a USB flash drive or other USB device.
A charged-plate assembly is required and is sold separately (6 inch charged-plate shown).

  • Performance evaluation of air ionization systems
  • ESD Test Equipment
  • ESD Audit Equipment
  • Material Dissipation Testing
  • Site Specific Contacting Voltage Measurement
  • Static Charge Monitoring
  • Voltage measurement of floor materials and footwear in combination with a person (ANSI ESD STM97.2 and IEC 61340-4-5)


 Monitored Voltage Range :   0 to ±1100 V DC or peak AC
 Bandwidth (-3 dB) :   DC to 80 Hz
 Decay Mode Thresholds :   Programmable from 1 to ±1000 V in 1 V increments