Model 5225S Standalone Digital Aerobar

Model 5225S Standalone Digital Aerobar

Simco-Ion’s Standalone Digital AeroBar Model 5225S ionizing bar is specifically designed to provide high performance with simple integration and operation. Adjustable and precise, easy-to-use digital settings allow the AeroBar to be used in a multitude of applications, ranging from inside tools to work stations and cleanroom areas. A choice of ionization modes, output voltage, and timing provide versatility to meet static charge neutralization requirements.

An aerodynamic design and cleanroom-compatible materials allow the Model 5225S to deliver complete and efficient ionization in mini-environments and cleanrooms without disrupting laminar airflow.

Designed to operate as a standalone system, the Model 5225S AeroBar internally maintains critical settings, thereby ensuring continued optimal performance each time the system is powered up. AeroBar setup and adjustment is easy using the infrared Handheld Remote. An FMS output allows easy hardwired integration to a facility alarm system.


  • All parameters are held within the AeroBar. No controller required.
  • Fully adjustable parameters for each AeroBar utilizing pulsed DC or steady-state DC modes
  • Several AeroBar lengths including three lengths specifically designed for EFEMs
  • Ion current monitoring
  • FMS alarm output
  • Single-crystal silicon emitter points


  • Continued optimal performance each time the system is powered up
  • Ionization can be fine-tuned for individual static charge requirements
  • Flexible lengths means versatility for a variety of applications
  • More consistent ion output and stable performance
  • Alarm capability for ensured performance
  • Ultra-clean emitter point material, with no risk of wafer contamination from dopants or metals