ionONE Spot Ionizers

Simco-Ion’s ionONE Spot Ionizers are designed for the control of static electricity and charge neutralization for small areas. Typical applications include inside production tools, inspection stations, and conveyor lines when the product to be protected is 3-12” (7-30 cm) distant. The Model Micro S Spot Ionizer is suited for applications where airflow from HEPA filters or fans is present, or when the area to be protected is in close proximity. The Model Micro SA Spot Ionizer uses compressed dry air (CDA) to provide the airflow necessary to ionize a nearby confined area when there is no existing airflow.

Both the Model Micro S and Micro SA provide excellent self-calibrating ion balance. An LED conveniently mounted on the ionizer will indicate the device is powered on.

  • Compact design
  • Self-balancing technology
  • Easy maintenance
  • Power Indicator status LED
  • Air assist version for precise ionized air delivery


  • Fits into the tight confines of any process tool or application
  • No adjustments needed to maintain the required balance
  • Only occasional cleaning of the emitter points is required
  • Efficiently delivers ionization to target area