Model 4214 In-line Ultra-clean Nitrogen Ionizer

Model 4214 In-line Ultra-clean Nitrogen Ionizer

Simco-Ion’s In-line Ultra-clean Nitrogen Ionizer Model 4214 is specifically designed to ionize a nitrogen gas flow in ultra-clean semiconductor or other high purity processes. Unlike other nitrogen ionizers which depend on the trace gases in the nitrogen stream to produce ionization, this state-of-the-art product ionizes nitrogen molecules using a small, but efficient power supply.

The Model 4214 In-line Ionizer utilizes high frequency AC ionization technology to provide a fast discharge time for optimal static charge neutralization. The microprocessor controls and small form factor make it an ideal nitrogen ionizer for in-tool integration. The ultra-clean design, utilizing an internal particle containment system assure the cleanest, most compatible ionization available for critical semiconductor processes.

By providing a continuous flow of nitrogen through the ionizer, this breakthrough technology meets Extended ISO Class 1* cleanliness requirements, making it ideal for 22 nm and below technology nodes.


  • Extended ISO Class 1 cleanliness
  • Alarms indicating low ion output (maintenance required), high voltage power supply failure, and low gas flow
  • Standby mode
  • Self-balanced ionization
  • Auto shutoff with low gas flow
  • Compact size
  • +24 VDC Input Power


  • Provides clean ionization for any ultra-clean process; ideal for 22 nm and below technology nodes
  • Constant ionizer status monitoring for continued continuous optimal performance
  • Nitrogen saving Standby mode that reduces gas flow while maintaining fast ionization start up
  • Eliminates calibration or difficult setup
  • Prevents product damage
  • Designed for in-tool applications with tight space constraints
  • Connects to tool power for simple integration