Model XC2 Blower

Simco-Ion’s new Aerostat XC2 provides complete wide area ionization protection. As with its’ predecessor, the Aerostat XC Ionizing Blower, the Aerostat XC2 is designed and built for reliable, long term static control for a variety of electronic, semiconductor, flat-panel display, and medical assembly applications. The XC2 has shown to be specifically useful for larger areas, offering under 12 second discharge times at 6 foot workbench distance from the face of the blower. The weight-saving design allows the Aerostat XC2 to be mounted above the work surface, which is especially effective for flat panel display module assembly.

The Aerostat XC2 offers inherent balance to 0 ±10V for protection of sensitive electronic components. The XC2 is loaded with usability features including a built-in emitter point cleaner, adjustable locking stand, fan speed control, and separate balance and fan stall alarm LEDs. These features, plus its stylish design, make the Aerostat XC2 the ideal extended coverage ionization blower for assembly, test and packaging areas.


  • Large, near symmetric Ionization area coverage
  • Weight saving design
  • Easy to use, built-in emitter cleaner
  •  ±10V self-balancing (“Micropulse”) technology
  • Local alarm LEDs and Facility Monitoring System (FMS) connection


  • Designed for complete static neutralization across the entire work surface area
  • Light enough to be easily mounted on or above the work surface
  • Insures consistent, balanced performance over a long time
  • High precision balance never needs calibrating
  • Ionization status can easily be monitored locally and at a remote location