Nikalet ECR Mold Melamine Conditioner Compound for Epoxy Moulding

Nikalet ECR Mold Melamine Conditioner Compound for Epoxy Moulding

Nikalet ECR-C KU ( Conditioner )
NIKALET ECR-C KU is Compression type melamine based mold conditioner. NIKALET ECR-C KU is releasing compound that molding compound is likely to release from molding tool.


 Appearance Light green
Specific Density of Table 1.0g-1.3g/cm3
Flow 1.4-1.6
 Hardness after Curing 90-100mm     a)
 Application  >70              b)

a) Analized by JIS K6911 method
b) Analized using Shore-hardness Mater D (Mold temp, 170ºC Molding pressure, 6.9Mpa)
SIZE : 73mm (L) x 38mm (W) x 7mm (H)   Weight : 20g

Physical Properties

 Appearance Pale green tablet
 Table density 1.0g-1.3g/cm3
Specific gravity 1.4-1.6
 Fluidity (Disk Flow) 1) 100mm - 130mm
Heating hardness more than 70

1) JIS K6911
2) Shore-hardness at 15 seconds after pressed for 90 seconds at 170 degrees Celsius, 6.9MPa

Tablet size

Length (mm)   Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (mm)
73  38  7 22

The above values are examples. There are not standard values.

Molding conditions

Mold Temperature 
(degree Celsius)
160 - 190
Cure Time
3 - 4
Molding pressure
10 - 20

Conditioner advantage of KU0810

1) KU 0810 shows same molding ability SW-2 or ECR-SW7320.
2) Not only cavities but also air-vent can restore releasing ability.
3) KU 0810 show high performance of consecutive moldabilities  in comparison with conventional conditioner. 

Our Recommendation

Nippon Carbide Industries CO., Inc. recommends the cleaning process which is the combination cleaning using NIKALET ECR-T (Transfer Type) and NIKALET ECR-C (Compression Type). The details of the cleaning method to recommend are as follows;