Micro Sticks DYC110-01

Micro Sticks DYC110-01


  • The head is made from micro-porous polyurethane foam, and attached to a strong polypropylene stem mechanically without adhesive
  • Extremely soft with ultra-low particle generation
  • PP stem reusable and heads replaceable with spares


Package Thick width (mm) Package
m  DYC110-01-F5 Ø 5 100pcs / 40bags
n  DYC110-01-F8 Ø 8 100pcs / 24bags
o  DYC110-01-S5 Ø 5 100pcs / 40bags
p  DYC110-01-S8 Ø 8 100pcs / 24bags

*3mm Ø available upon request