Model 5515 Digital Ceiling Emitter

Model 5515 Digital Ceiling Emitter

The newest additions to our digital family of Ceiling Emitters and Controllers, the Model 5515 Ceiling Emitter and the Model 5582 Controller, are designed to integrate with IonManager software, the most comprehensive and robust ionizer management software available. This digital room ionization system provides the flexibility to remotely and individually control and address system operational settings including alarm sensitivity, ion output, ion pulse timing, and polling frequency. Precision fine tuning allows your ionization system to achieve maximum performance, specially calculated for your specific application.

The integrated software control and monitoring capability of IonManager enables centralized monitoring of individual Emitters and Controllers. Each individual emitter’s parameters are set with the Model 5572 remote control. Emitter and Controller alarms and conditions are reported back to IonManager, which can send alarm notifications via email following a customized set of rules.


  • Fully digital technology
  • Single-crystal silicon emitter points available
  • Advanced Feedback Technology
  • Flexible user configuration with adjustments made via IR Remote, IonManager software, or Handheld Terminal
  • Current/ voltage-controlled performance


  • Precisely control all ionization parameters with expansive data output capabilities
  • Ultra-clean emitter material provides the most compatible, and lowest maintenance available; essential for leading-edge wafer processing applicationst
  • Continued stable high ion output is ensured, along with the most balanced ionization performance possible
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Safe, reliable operation