Model 5225 Digital Aerobar with software control

Model 5225 Digital Aerobar with software control

Simco-Ion’s Digital AeroBar with Software Control Model 5225 is designed to handle the demanding requirements of in-tool ionization. With high ion output providing fast neutralization of electric charge on wafers, E78 compliance at the most stringent levels can be achieved.

An aerodynamic design and cleanroom compatible materials allow the Model 5225 to deliver complete and efficient ionization in mini-environments without disrupting laminar airflow.

The AeroBar is easily integrated with your tool, using either pre-compiled routines or open-source code examples. Seamless integration with tool interfaces means a less costly solution to ionization, in addition to the benefits of reduced maintenance cost and better alarm handling. System alerts and messages are displayed at the tool controller for easy notification alternatively, simple FMS alarm output is available.


  • Complete integration with tool control system
  • Fully adjustable parameters for each AeroBar
  • Ion current monitoring
  • Several lengths available including 3 specifically designed for EFEMs
  • Single-crystal silicon emitter points


  • Setup, operation, & maintenance are controlled using existing tool or IonMonitor software GUI
  • Fine-tune ionization for individual process requirements in each area of the tool
  • Flexible lengths means versatility for a variety of application designs
  • Industry’s demonstrated cleanest emitter material, with no risk of wafer contamination from dopants or metals