Static Dissipative Veneer

Static Dissipative Veneer

Product Code: DY1008

Material: Static Dissipative Veneer (Green / Gray) 

This product offers ESD protection to workstation surfaces for sensitive products. Easy to install and they are suitable for post-forming applications on workstations and tables in ESD Protected Areas.

Part Number:

DY1008-VENEER, Green, 1.2MX20MX0.7MM


Permanent Static Dissipative Veneer

  • Colour Dissipative Top Layer (Grey/Green)
  • Black Conductive Bottom Layer


Electrical Properties
Top Surface Resistance < 1 x 108 Ω
Bottom Surface Resistance < 1 x 105 Ω
Volume Resistance < 1 x 107 Ω
Static Decay (+1000V to 0V) < 0.7 seconds
Tribocharging Voltage < 40V


Physical Properties
Material PS, EVA, PE (Synthesized)
Width 1.2 Meters
Length 20 Meters
Thickness 0.7 mm

Minimum Tolerable Temperature

-12oC        Applicable to Indoor workshop



Intrisic Property The resistance readings of the product is not humidity an/or temperature dependent
Permanent Property Static dissipative property is permanent
Environment Property Non-toxic, odorless and tasteless
Engineering & Chemical Abrasion, oil, acid (weak) and alkaline resistant
Flexible Come in roll form, easy to handle and to post-form