Nikalet ECR Mold Melamine Cleaning Compound for Epoxy Molding

Nikalet ECR Mold Melamine Cleaning Compound for Epoxy Molding

NIKALET ECR is a melamine based mold cleaning compound. They are specially designed to clean the molds for low pressure molding of epoxy molding compounds, which are used for encapsulating transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, etc.

NIKALET is able to effectively remove substances deposited out of the mold.


NIKALET ECR is classified under 2 types according to the various molding applications.

  1. Transfer Molding Type
  2. Compression Molding Type

      a) Transfer Molding Type

In this application, NIKALET ECR is used as that of epoxy molding compounds- pre-heated and placed in the pot of the transfer molding machine. 

       b)  Compression Molding Type

For this method of molding, the NIKALET ECR without pre-heating, is placed on the cavities and particle lines to be pressed by the transfer molding machine.

Grades Molding process
AA AB CC CL CP PF Transfer molding
SW 7320
SW 2
Compression molding

Standard Table Sizes
Type Grade Diameter (mm) Weight (g) Height (mm)

AA 40 50 30
48 75 32
50 90 28
Compression SW 73 x 38




Standard Tablet Sizes
Type Grade Diameter (mm) Weight (g) Height (mm)

Transfer Compression
9.8  1.1 ~ 2.1 11.0 ~ 21.0
 11.0  1.5 ~ 2.8   11.0 ~ 21.5  
 13.0  1.8 ~ 3.8    11.0 ~ 22.0
 14.0  2.2 ~ 6.0    11.0 ~ 30.0
 15.0   2.6 ~ 7.1  11.0 ~ 31.0  
16.0 2.0 ~ 8.0 11.0 ~ 31.5
18.0 4.0 ~ 11.0 12.0 ~ 33.5
20.0  5.4 ~ 14.2 13.0 ~ 34.0

Physical Properties
NIKALET ECR is a melamine-based thermosetting resin, compounded with organic and inorganics fibres.

Physical Properties
Type Transfer Compression
Appearance White tablet White tablet
Tablet density (g/cm) 1.2 ~ 1.5 1.0 ~ 1.3
Specific gravity (g/cm)    1.5 ~ 1.7   1.4 ~ 1.6
 Fluidity (*) EMMI Spiral Flow 9 ~ 26 inches Disc Flow 80 ~ 100mm
Heating hardness (**) more than 70 more than 70

(*)    : at 170°C, 70 kg/cm²
(**)  : Shore hardness at 15 seconds after pressed for 100 seconds at 170°C and 70 kg/cm²

Cleaning Procedure 

Pre-heat Nikalet ECR Transfer-type at 90~110°C. Pre-heating is definitely required for good fluidity. Without pre-heating, insufficient filling of the mold may result.

After finishing cleaning with Nikalet ECR, 1 ~ 2 shots of conditioning compound followed by 2 ~ 3 shots of dummy epoxy molding compound is required. Omitting these best steps, it might cause insufficient releasing property.
Following is an example of the cleaning procedure.

Proper use of "NIKALET ECR"

Transfer type has a function to take out substances deposited to the runner, gate and cavities. Compression type has a function to take out substances deposited to runner, gate and cavities, but is especially recommended for air vent and surface of mold. It is also more economical since no lead frame is desired in the cleaning process

Packing and Storage

  1. Packing
    Nikalet ECR is packed in 10-kg net together with silica gel in a carton box with a polyethylene bag inside.
  2. Storage
  •  Nikalet ECR is very moisture sensitive. Unpack just before starting use. Once opened, seal well after each use to preserve the remaining portion and use it up as soon as possible.
  • To avoid degradation Nikalet ECR must be stored at under 20°C in air conditioned room. The shelf life of Nikalet ECR under this condition will be 12 months from the date of production.
  • If Nikalet ECR is stored at 5°C, leave the package at room temperature for 24 hours before starting to use in order to avoid condensation. Once returned to room temperature, it must be stored at room temperature and used as soon as possible.
  Although Nikalet ECR is not a poisonous product, wear gloves when handling. If it contacts your skin, rinse well with clean water. 
Nikalet ECR produces vapour including a small amount of Formaldehyde. It is recommended to keep the location well ventilated and wear a protective mask.

(*)    : Transfer
pressure : 30~100 kg / cm
(**)  : Clamping pressure : 100~200kg / cm

It is also ideal to determine the optimum curing time for which molded pieces are most easily removed from the mold during curing, taking the thickness of the material into consideration.


Compression Type                                                 Transfer Type - Big & mini tablets