SUPER ∑ CMII - V5 / V2


Fully digital controlled dispenser
Communication function and automatic correction function equipped

  • Excellence in continuous dispensing ability 
  • Unified Control of devices from outside
  • Visualization of initial dispensing conditions ​
  • Improved stability in pressure and operation without compromising the existing Super ∑ CM functions
  • High precision dispenser with dramatically improved dispensing stability
  • New feature. Fine adjustments of conditions in ∑ corrections fully controlled from device
  • Dispensing condition editable on your PC thanks to dedicated software

 MuCOM ®  ∑

  • CE-marked products (EMC. LVD) are available

Model SUPER ∑ CMII - V5   SUPER ∑ CMII -V2 
Control System Micro-computer controlled electronic-pneumatic system
Pneumatic control circuit Air pulse stable circuit (PAT.)
Dispensing pressure 30.0 to 500.0kPa  5.0 to 200.0kPa 
Dispensing duration range Up to 9999 seconds
Vacuum pressure range  0 to -0.20kPa
Memory functions  100 channels
Special functions • Three major 2 functions
(1) Automatic fluid-drip prevention
(2) Automatic correction of water head variations
(3) Automatic remaining fluid alarm
• Automatic vacuum control function
Remaining fluid display function
Data upload / download (RS-232C)
Operating environment * Temperature : 15-35ºC
Humidity : 25-75%, at elevations below 2000m 
Protection class * IP-40
Adaptive fuse * 250V   1.5A (time-lag fuse di. 5 type)
Input / Output signals Input : Non-contact or contact / Output : Non-contact 
Supply air pressure MAX.800kPa
(Dispersing pressure + 100kPa or more)
Power supply / Power consumption AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz • 40W
External dimensions · weight W300 x D300 x H100mm • 6.6kg