Monroe 279L Electrostatic Voltmeter

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This instrument is a Model 279 with its input range limited to ±300 volts (instead of ±3kV). Through the use of an alternative high voltage power supply and amplifier section. This alteration produces an instrument with improved noise characteristics and meter resolution and less proclivity toward arcing at extremely close probe-to-surface spacing.

Thus, the Model 279L is better able to take full advantage of the capabilities of the entire series of 1034 probes where the restricted voltage range is acceptable. This is particularly useful in areas of ESD monitoring and control.

Some typical and potential applications include:

• Disk Media Research
• IC Manufacturing and Handling
• Contact PotentialMeasurements
 • Radiation Effects on Insulators and Semiconductors
• Bioelectric Field Studies
• Uses Model 1034 series probe