Monroe 272A Portable Surface Resistivity / Resistance Meter

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For manufacturers and users of products such as electrostatic shielding bags and static dissipative work surfaces, the Model 272A offers rapid, accurate, dependable measurements of resistivity and resistance to ground. Simply place the resistive material under the instrument’s electrode assembly. One glance at the large digital display will tell you whether the test material meets your specifications.

To measure resistivity (W/), a sample is placed under the electrode assembly and a voltage is applied to the outer of two concentric electrodes resting on the sample. The geometry of the electrode assembly’s surface is such that current flows from the outer ring, via the sample, to the inner electrode is a direct indication of the sample’s resistivity, which is read on the digital display.

In the resistance-measuring mode, current flows from ground or a second electrode through the resistive material to the measurement electrode. All test parameters can be preset, so operation ispush-button simple. The instrument can be programmed to automatically time out to save battery life.


• Ideal for testing static-control products
• Meets ESD Association Standard 11.11 plus ASTM D-257 and EIA-541
• Measures both resistivity and resistance to ground
• Rugged and reliable for routine factory use
• Fast and simple to use
• 8-hour rechargeable battery
• Selectable scientific notation or 3-place log readouts
• No adjustments required