New rotary tubing dispenser
Provide simple and secure quick joint of tube

  • Smooth and secure setting of a tube thanks to a new mechanism
  • No need for troublesome tube clearance adjustments and it allows high-precision dispensing
  • Easy maintenance and check as the rotor can be disassembled
  • Long life of fluid material feeding tube thanks to newly developed tube installation mechanism
  • Decreased “fluid drip and bubble generation”
  • Mounted a “digital timer” and settable times with single operation
  • Can use a dispensing pen with a remote switch for manual operation


Control system
Rotaly tubing system
Dispersing time setting range
Digital timer ( Digiswitch )
Special functions
Dripping prevention vacuum rotor function
External input signal
Contact or non-contact
Power supply / Power consumption
AC100V 50/60Hz • 32W
External dimensions and weight
W188 x D169 x H75mm • 3.4kg