Fast Lot Manager (FLM300)

Fast Lot Manager (FLM300)

300mm Single Wafer Fast Lot Manager

The most advance sorting with wafer storage tool allows fast kit lots preparation

  • Saves up to 40% of AHMS cost
  • Decrease FOUP's needed (-50%)
  • Decrease stocker Bins needed (-50%)
  • Combine Wafer Sortingwith Storage Capability
  • End effector: 3 points backside Advanced Contact Technology exceeding ITRS road map cleanliness requirement through 2018
  • Embedded enlignment *ID reading on finger
  • New Advance Controller
  • Class 0.1 mini-environment
  • Compatible with all SEMI FOUP / FOSB types
  • Compatible with all SEMI alpha-numeric, barcode & data matrix front / back scribes
  • Host Control or Touchscreen LCD with user friendly software management
  • 30 wafers capacity (x10 carriers), total 300 wafers storage
  • Storage Carriers Removable for cleaning, with handlers and ID tracking (ESD safe)
  • Each Carrier Compartment has own filters: Prevent cross Contamination
  • Dimension 4LP include FOUP (wdh) 2396 x 1758 x 2172
  • Facility: 90V - 240V, no vacuum, pressure


  • Pwp Front Face: <0.02@40nm;<0.015@90nm per transfer
  • Pwp Back Face: <2@90nm per transfer
  • Throughput up to 350 wph
  • Read Rate: 99.97%


  • Airborne Molecular Filtering (Acids / bases / organic)