Model VSE 3000
Simco-Ion’s Volume Static Eliminator 3000 Extended Coverage Benchtop Ionizing Blower is an efficient workstation ionizer which effectively eliminates electrostatic charges quickly and reliably. The VSE 3000’s variable speed fan and integral air flow diffuser floods the entire workstation with static eliminating ions for superior performance.

Reliable ion balance is maintained even during input voltage fluctuation occurrences. The VSE 3000’s selfbalancing circuitry maintains a balance range of 0±5V. Designed using sound absorbing materials, theVSE 3000 is exceptionally quiet while delivering a powerful air flow with low energy loss.

The VSE 3000 features an integrated user controled heater for operator comfort, rear panel blower controls for easy operation when mounting overhead or on a wall and an optional air filter assembly for use in extremely dirty environments.

  • Self-balancing circuit for reliable 0 ±5V balance
  • Rapid static charge decay times over a wide coverage area
  • Removable emitter assembly for fast, efficient cleaning
  • Integrated heater
  • Variable speed fan control
  • Optional air filter


  • Protects even the most sensitive electronic components
  • Neutralizes charges over the entire workbench
  • Easily to maintain sustainable static charge control
  • Provides a comfortable working environment for operators ensuring continuous operation
  • Precisely control the airflow for efficient ionization
  • Adapts for use in extremely dusty conditions