Composite Tweezers

Composite Tweezers

Our top quality precision tweezers are manufactured by a group of highly qualified and experienced craftsmen. These tweezers were designed for solving problems relating to the precise handling of components in the electronics, semiconductor, media, jewellery or other industries where the handling of intricate items present a problem.

Finest materials are selected and honed with microscopic details using years of experience. The result is a product that unique, special and performs with excellence that secures the quality of your products.

The products are primarily available in anti-acid, anti-magnetic Steel (SA) and hardened Stainless Steel. Other materials are available upon request.
  • Combination of aluminium body and ceramic tip which can be replaced easily
  • Designed to be sharp in order to access narrow corners
  • Ideal for use on electronic equipment, semiconductor bionics, superconductivity-related equipment etc


Product Code Description
DYC900-CTW-ESDT02 Composite Tweezers with tip
DYC900-CTW-ESDT02-TIP replaceable tip only