CarboFlex are electrically conductive silicone resins filled with carbon nanoparticles. The large degree of flexibility of the materials shows the way for using CarboFlex products in all applications calling for a silicone-based sealing compound with electrical conductivity.

CarboFlex are electrically conductive dual component systems consisting of silicone resins filled with carbon nanoparticles. Fillings are selected to match the particular application concerning electrical and mechanical properties.

Products of the CarboFlex series are notable especially for following characteristics:

  • specific electrical resistance up to 400Ω∙cm
  • high flexibility accompanied by high electrical conductivity
  • very much improved mechanical properties compared to conventional electrically conductive sealing compounds
  • creation of specific electrical and mechanical properties by different degrees of filling
  • high thermal conductivity

The excellent electrical properties of the carbon nanoparticles allow a low degree of filling. That retains the good elastic properties of the silicone resins.

CarboFlex is used where good electrical conductivity and high elasticity are needed, for example:

  • antistatic sealing compounds (sealing rings)
  • antistatic hoses
  • sealing materials with extra thermal conductivity
  • cable sheaths
  • thermally conductive molds and solid materials