CarboShield is a coating that protects against electromagnetic radiation. Depending on the particular requirements. CarboShield creates electromagnetic shielding by reflecting and/or partially​ absorbing the radiation.​​

CarboShield is a coating based on carbon metamaterials intended to guard technical installations, electronic modules, components etc.against electromagnetic radiation.

CarboShield has been optimized for radiation extinction over a very wide frequency band (30 MHz to approx. 50 GHz).Compared to conventional metallic systems CarboShield is highly flexible because of the opportunity for specific setting of absorption and
reflection characteristics.

Due to its excellent applicability — just like paint —
CarboShield is perfect for using it on existing polymeric systems.

Special features of CarboShield are:

• simple processing by common manual and
• industrial application methods,
• applicable to very different surfaces and geometries,
• thin coatings of a few micrometers produce excellent results,
• maximum protection through the combined absorbing and reflecting effect of the layers

Depending on different requirements FutureCarbon offers different types of CarboShield:

CarboShield R: effective reflection of electromagnetic radiation with very high shielding attenuation, depending on coating thickness, of more than 30 dB.
CarboShield A: electromagnetic radiation is partially dissipated, i.e. a substantial part of the radiation is absorbed by the material, converted into harmless warmth and not reflected. The absorption spectrum ranges from a few MHz to more than 50 GHz.

CarboShield provides high and constant protection against electromagnetic radiation over a very wide frequency range. Combining multiple – even different – functional layers is possible for particular frequency ranges; the attenuation or extinction properties required in a technical application can then be set quite arbitrarily through the layer structure.

is suitable for all applications that require effective suppression of electromagnetic radiation, to ensure the necessary reliability and functionality of sensitive technical devices for example, or to safeguard human beings against exposure to radiation