GZ-350 Digital ESD Checker with Optional Data Acquisition Feature

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  • 9 LEDs for test results indication
  • Adjustable test limit (100KΩ - 1 GΩ)
  • “Near- Fail” warning on LED (Patented)
  • Built-in relay output for autogate or turnstile gate
  • Digital calibration
  • Independent left/right foot testing
  • Touch sensing operation
  • 4 selectable test modes: wrist strap only, foot only, both wrist strap and foot, wrist strap or foot
  • S20.20-2007 & IEC-61340-2007 compliance
  • Can be upgraded and linked to most proximity cards for data acquisition purpose (optional)
  • User-friendly integrated management software (optional)

Product Specifications:

LCD Digital Display Screen
LCD 4 Row x 20 Characters
ESD Wrist Strap Test
4 mm banana plug single cord wrist strap
LED Indicator
9 LEDs for test result indication
Smart Delay Relay Output
Software configurable delay for relay output
Test Modes
Wrist only/ Foot only/ wrist and foot /wrist or foot
Upper / Lower Test Limits

Factory default: Wrist 1MΩ~35MΩ/ Foot 1MΩ~100MΩ

Flexible test range configurable from 100KΩ~1GΩ
Special Reminder
Display “Near-Fail” test result on LCD and LED
Power Adapter Rating
100-240VAC 0.5A, 50/60Hz, 15Vdc 1 A
Operating Temperature
0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ (for indoor use only)
Tester Dimension
305×295×46 mm (L×W×H)
Dual Footplate Dimension
480×403×25 mm (L×W×H)
System Built-In Relay
Dry Contact Control, 1A30VDC
Free GZ-100-SEE Software
For Hardware Parameter management


ESD Footwear/Wrist-strap Tester & Recorder with Mifare Proximity Card Reader
ESD Footwear/Wrist-strap Tester & Recorder with EM Proximity Card Reader
ESD Footwear/Wrist-strap Tester & Recorder with Temic Proximity Card Reader
ESD Footwear/Wrist-strap Tester & Recorder with HID Proximity Card Reader

Integrated Management Software-Enterprise Version

Stand for the Tester
Calibrator Decade Resistance Box