Model 5520/5580 Digital Controllers

Model 5520/5580 Digital Controllers

Simco-Ion’s Digital Controller Models 5520 and 5580 control and monitor parameters and ionizer performance for the Digital Ceiling Emitter Model 5511 and the Digital AeroBar® Ionizer Model 5585. Both controllers allow individual or system wide ionizer control.

The smaller Model 5520, which accommodates up to 20 emitters, makes integration inside process tools or small room configurations easy and convenient. The larger Model 5580 handles large capacity systems, supporting up to 80 ionizers for full room and tool ionization coverage. Both ceiling emitters and AeroBars can be integrated on a controller for a customized solution.

Use the controller’s on-board LCD screen and push buttons or the Model 5571 handheld remote for operational functions that include assigning individual controller addresses, setting ionizer parameters and synchronization for optimized ion performance.

Both models of the Digital Controller poll emitter status to offer system feedback of ionizer performance 
and alarm status, which can be output to FMS monitoring systems.​​​​​


  • Choice of 20 or 80 ionizer capacity models
  • Mix and match ceiling emitters and AeroBars
  • Mix and match ionizer mode settings
  • On-board LCD screen
  • Settable polling periods
  • Visual/audible alarms
  • FMS output; RS-485 port


  • Customized solutions for small or large needs
  • Integrated solutions for room system coverage, over tools, inside tools and workstations
  • Allows individual ionizers on one controller to operate in Pulsed DC, Steady State DC or Standby modes simultaneously for optimal performance in each location and easy maintenance
  • Allows setting of either global or individual ionizer parameters and provides easy access to ionizer and alarm status
  • Adjust schedule to suit the area needs based on time to poll the number of emitters and criticality of the area
  • Immediate notification of non-responsive or alarming ionize
  • Provides system status to FMS or host system