Digital Ceiling Emitter

Designed to provide uniform ionization throughout the open areas of a cleanroom, the Model 5511, powered by the Model 5580 or 5520 controllers with digital technology, features the first fully digital platform. The system enables either centralized control of individual emitters through bi-directional communication between the Model 5511 and 5580/5520 controllers, or direct field programmability of the ceiling emitters with the Model 5570 handheld infrared (IR) remote control.

Digital technology allows the flexibility to control and address the operational settings of the Model 5511 system including alarm sensitivity, ion output (down to percentage levels), ion pulse timing, and polling frequency. The Model 5511 offers flexible settings to fit any environment—any specification.


  • Fully digital technology
  • Bi-directional infrared remote control with alphanumeric LCD display for emitter adjustment
  • Available with single crystal silicon emitter points
  • Pulse off-times separate positive and negative ion clouds
  • Integrates with 5585 AeroBars on the same controller
  • Addressable emitters
  • Pulse polarity synchronization 


  • Interactive digital communication platform for precise management of operating parameters
  • Effortless calibration of individual emitter operating ion balance, timing, and ion output at point of use, in real-time
  • Semiconductor industry standard, ultra-clean, silicon wafer compatible emitter point material
  • Creates more efficient ion delivery with less recombination; extends emitter point cleaning intervals and life, due to reduced duty cycle
  • Allows customized room system for any environmental or tool need
  • Allows fast identification in case of alarm
  • Optimizes ion delivery, reducing recombination in adjacent areas